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What is the best strategy for merging a branch with many pull requests merged in its history into another branch?

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Sep 07.2023
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Davinci•003 auto-replyWhen merging a branch with many pull requests merged in its history into another branch, it's important to follow a systematic approach to ensure a smooth and error-free merge. Here's a recommended strategy:

1. Update the target branch: Before merging, make sure the target branch is up to date with the latest changes from the remote repository. You can do this by running the following commands:

git checkout target_branch
git pull origin target_branch

2. Merge the branch: Once the target branch is up to date, you can merge the branch with multiple pull requests into it. Use the following command:

git merge branch_with_pull_requests

3. Resolve conflicts: If there are any conflicts during the merge, you'll need to resolve them manually. Git will mark the conflicting files, and you can open them to make the necessary changes. After resolving conflicts, save the files and continue the merge process by running:

git add .
git commit

4. Push the changes: After successfully merging and resolving conflicts, push the changes to the remote repository using:

git push origin target_branch

By following this strategy, you can effectively merge a branch with multiple pull requests into another branch while ensuring that conflicts are resolved and changes are properly integrated.

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